Friday, September 24, 2010

Aria for a Chinchilla

How could Platypuss-in-Boots resist a song like this? Plus, some friends have asked to see more pictures of that marvel of chinchillahood, Rosie Posie. So John helped me make a slideshow - thanks to John and to Robert Frost's Banjo!

A word about Courtney, who wrote and performed the song. Like all the composers I admire (and I should mention Grace, Zoe, Isabelle, and Trevor in this company) Courtney writes music from her heart and her experience, music authentic to her own imagination. To me this is particularly to be prized in a composer of her age - because authenticity is not necessarily encouraged in those who dwell in the regions preceding legal majority. In music (and so in life) it can be easier to reflect some idea of what other people think we should be, rather than who we are.

(Pinky, Your Hostess of elephantine pink, wants to point out that Eberle is very attached to the subject of this song, Rosie - who happens to be our very own chinchilla.)

And here's a curious coincidence - some of you may remember (you can check back if you don't) that Rosie's arrival at our house was largely due to a praying mantis. And what do you think showed up in the music room when I asked Courtney to record Rosie's Song? Right next to her on a small table near the recorder? A praying mantis of course! Furthermore, the praying mantis climbed right onto Courtney's hand and did not want to get off AT ALL. We finally had to give it some serious encouragement to get onto a plant in the front room.

Courtney is listening to her first opera this week, and this is one reason why I call the song an Aria in the title of this post. An Aria is a moment in an opera when the singer steps outside of the action, and speaks her heart. Time stops around her - she suspends the story and speaks. I love that image.

And I'm thinking - a praying mantis, the Magic Flute, a song for Rosie - and I'm just starting work on music for puppet theater in McCall...maybe my dream of Finger Puppet Opera will come true sooner than I thought?

Thanks, Courtney!