Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heading for the Wilderness

Utah Phillips mentions the Wilderness in words of advice for a high school graduating class. Beware, he tells them, when people refer to you, America's youth, as an important national resource! Think about what America does with important national resources! I say to you, run! Head for the hills! Flee to the wilderness - preferably the one within.

I've always loved imagining this scene - Utah exhorting, students running for the Exits...

My own version of this Wilderness Adventure is going to Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey near Lafayette, Oregon on retreat - letting myself fall into solitude and silence. The only survival tools being an interior openness to an encounter with the Universe/God - and conversation with friends who are teachers. Above photo: a walk with Father Mark. I'll be back on May 16th!


  1. Hey, Monster E! Platypuss here. It seems that in your excitement about your upcoming adventure, you forgot to mention the Animals who are going with you on retreat?

    Dearest Platypuss, Splendiferous Scribe - thanks for the reminder! Animals have always gone with me to the Abbey on retreat - and even occasionally in my coat pocket to the chapel - where once, when no Monsters were there, we danced a little in the beautiful space. This year my comrades of the Wilderness will be: The Amazing Bubble Dogs (all five of them), Roxi Dog (who came to me from Violet Mouse Fairy) Hippo, and possibly Pinky. She says that being a Hostess has proved quite taxing and she needs a rest.

  2. We wish we were in tow, Monster E! We could all use a break from the howling animals (mainly furry ones at feeding time) and the lack of attention from P-kat is appalling! She's been obsessed with that computer thing since she signed on to build her family tree. How does one BUILD a tree, anyway? Don't they just grow?

    Anyway, you guys have a wonderful time at the Abbey and send a few petitions our way, okay?


    The H-Gang

  3. To you and those who journey with you, I send love. I, too, could benefit from quiet time away from house renovation noise and people in and out all day. I will draw strength from knowing you are in such a lovely, green world.

    love, Aunt Phoenix

  4. It's been quiet on the creature front here - but I hope the animals are still giving you inspiration for your work (and that they behaved themselves when traveling with you!)