Monday, April 26, 2010

Mouse Fairy in Indian Valley!

Violet Mouse Fairy appeared at our house in Indian Valley last week, accompanied by Tulip Mouse Fairy, Beloved Queen. Tulip did some magical things like turn one of my group music classes into an art class. Violet Mouse Fairy became quite involved in the adventures of the Argonaut crew- you'll be hearing more about that...

It was very handy to have a Mouse Fairy around to help with garden design - Violet had some wonderful ideas about how to use space in the native grove I'm planting. She also chose the site for the gnome house that our good friend and remodel wizard Chris built for the garden. This will be an evolving project, but here's the start. Weenie got in the picture too!


  1. hi Ebs,

    it's funny but we never called my mom Tulip or even Tulip Mouse Fairy, we always called her Mouse Tulip. I guess it was out of respect, but after a while it was a habit and I never thought to call her anything else.

  2. Dearest Iris,
    thanks for sharing this piece of Mouse Fairy history. We are always (Monsters and Animals alike) ready to learn more about these mysterious creatures. Did I tell you that Chris loved where you decided we should put the gnome house and thought it looked great? Well, he did. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Whoa, you can see what an enormous and terrifying creature a cat is to a gnome! Mouse Tulip here. To all those out in Blog Land, I'd like you to know that Monter E and Monster J's Big Bed Land is a most magical and restfull place. The influence of the Animals is felt throughout. Surely no place on Earth could be so recuperative to the poor Mousefairy who is forced to live in the suburbs of Boston.

  4. Dearest Mouse Tulip, Beloved Queen,
    we thank you for those kind words! - and remind you that we feel your self-imposed exile in the suburbs of Boston is a noble act - not only wanting to live close to your great network of extended family, but in bringing the magic of community art and Mouse Fairies to a place that sorely needs this kind of magic. Big Bed Land honors you! And loved your company.

  5. Weenie! So sweet - looks a bit like our Gilbert.

    We love the Gnome house - it's splendiferous!

    We are also very envious of Mouse Tulip and the opportunity to rejuvenate in Big Bed Land.

    P-Kat and the H-Gang.

  6. Dear Friend Poetikat - Bink here. What a thumping good word is "splendiferous." Gretel and I are going to take that one out for a romp. Goat and Polar Knight join me in sending you best wishes for your great Word Adventures!