Friday, February 19, 2010

Belated Valentine

Because of the wave of response to fate of the OED, we decided to post this previously suppressed photo of what happened to the second volume...

We'd also like to assure you that no actual parts of speech, not even the humblest dangling participle (and we know how everybody feels about these hangers-on) were harmed during Polar Knight's abduction of Bink's literature class.

Note from Pinky, Your Hostess: Thanks so much to all you visitors!


  1. It all looks a bit hairy from where we're sitting.

  2. Dear Poetikat,
    perhaps the hairiness is...Rapunzel Anxiety? Can we REALLY let down our hair?

  3. I'm now scouring Internet news sites for a report concerning a rabid polar bear eating all of the girls in a literature class.

    You can't keep this covered up forever!!!

  4. Dear JeffScape,
    keep on scouring...but one thing I've learned from history is how to make a cover-up last for generations!

    (The Young Ones are squealing in delight at your depiction of Rabid Polar Bear's appetite...)

  5. Two questions:
    1) How does Polar Knight manage to look so beguilingly innocent even in the midst of all the mayhem she's brought about?
    2) Who is that purple and dark pink elephant creature squashed by the book, on the bottom?

  6. Dear HKatz,
    what excellent questions! Even if they do have answers:

    1) Polar Knight looks so beguilingly innocent in the midst of mayhem (what a perfect description by the way) because she IS! I think this might be a not uncommon circumstance for poets?

    2) That is the Underwater Elephant, who mysteriously joined the Underwater Ones (these can be viewed in the photo of Lambchop describing Women's Fantasy Night) who live in a small submarine-basket. She is nicknamed the Index Elephant because one of my occasional efforts to keep the Wolf from the Door has been learning to make professional indexes. The first one I did was exciting but also nervewracking - and the Index Elephant helped me by keeping my place in the index card file as I was typing up the index. Animals can be very helpful when they choose!

    Thanks for your visits to P-in-B and for your keen insights into Animals!