Monday, February 8, 2010

Goat's Farewell to Summer

We may well come back to to revisit moments of Goat's adventures on Summer Island, but here is the final page of Goat's Official Log.

We feel a pang of nostalgia, which as Bink Your Pocket Philologist points out, comes from the Greek and has nothing to do with the haze of sentimentality with which Monsters of recent times have imbued it- but means simply "the pain of return."

The Animals all say: hooray for Goat's Log! -the first written Animal record known to Big Bed Land.


  1. What a wonderful swing! (It seems that string has many uses, does it not?)

    I think the leaf-secrets would make a wonderful poem, Goat.

    Poetikat (The H-Gang is sleeping by the fire.)

    P.S. Thanks,Bink, for clearing up that misunderstanding about "nostalgia". I (we) like to know things like that.

  2. Hello Dear Bink & Platypuss & Goat et al:

    Bink: as noted on RFBanjo, nostalgia does mean the "pain of return"--algia is "pain"--an analgesic counteracts pain & myalgia is muscle pain. The Greek warriors returing from Troy were referred to (in transliterated Greek) as "hoi nostoi"--the returning (ones)--this may be of interest to Goat insofar as this bunch was essentially a band of raiders--pirates who took the fight inland to the city of Troy!

  3. Dear Poetikat,
    good point about the string! I hadn't made the connection...

    Bink would like to credit Monster J. for the background on the word "nostalgia" - Bink likes knowing things like that too, and points out that Monster J. often clarifies things that are sadly incomprehensible in Monster Dictionaries.

    Goat will consider your suggestion about poetry when the battle of Troy reaches a stopping place (see below.) Thanks for visiting!

  4. Monster J. -
    Bink here. Thank you for telling us about the separate word-strings - most illuminating. I want to talk with you about this more, but the Battle of Troy is so loud right now in Big Bed Land, that rational thought is difficult. In fact, someone just handed me a rotten tomato to throw. But which side is which? And which side are we on? I'll have to ask someone, but at this pitch of battle, everyone loses track, switches sides constantly, stops to sing songs together...I'll continue when there's a commercial break. Or a snack break.

  5. Bink,
    Did you know there's a whole festival devoted to tomato-throwing? It is held annually in Bunol (there's an accent on the "n", but I don't know how to do that) in Valencia (of oranges fame) in Spain?
    Just imagine all the Animals who are dodging those thousands of red-rockets and consider yourself in good company.
    Best of luck in the Battle. Do you have any wooden horses lying around?

    Walter, the curious Bear (newest Hyggehus resident and Wikipedia fan)

  6. Walter. Goat here. Thanks for the battle-cry and the red rockets. We were just about to run out. Your mention of a wooden horse has just given me a great idea. I hope we meet again when the battle is finished.

  7. Queen Tulip here, catching up with past blogs and truly delighted, though in a sad, sentimental way, to see this reminder of summer "09 on Mouse Fairy Island. A salute to you Goat. May your future hold many more flags!