Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Poor Little Lambs Lose Their Way- in Harmony!

As promised, here's the interview with Johnny Jack and Lambchoppie about Women's Fantasy Night, and the fantasy Our Little Lamb brought to that amazing event. Without further ado...


  1. Well, if that isn't the most delightful, uplifting, spiritual, hilarious, loving, bright and funny Monday morning gift I have ever witnessed, I don't know what is!!!
    (The canned laughter was the best!)

    You guys are so sweet! I will not soon forget that "I wonder if I'm up to it (taking away the sins of the world).

    Thank you so much for making my (our) day!

    Kat (and the Hyggegang)

  2. That was absolutely adorable! What a super fun start to my gray Monday.

    I agree, that 'Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world' bit was too, too cute.

    Who was doing all that busting laughter off to stage right?

  3. oh my, that was amazing...big smiles...thanks for brightening my monday....

  4. DELIGHTFUL!!!! john and lambchop together!

    definitely brought brightness into today's super gray day!!

  5. Laughing all the way from Scotland...

  6. Dear Poetikat,
    thanks for your response! I'm so glad you see the spiritual aspect of Lambchoppie's fantasy - although jokes and silly singing are involved, her questions are real! I really think the Desert Mothers and the Desert Fathers, for instance, must have had a good sense of humor and perspective, living in those early communities, to come up with the sayings that have come down to us. I'm brainstorming with one of the original organizers of Women's Fantasy Night to come up with a way of creating a kind of Women's Fantasy Night with a specifically spiritual slant...wouldn't that be wild?

  7. Dear Willow,
    I'm especially glad you liked the Lamb of God part! Lambchoppie can get pretty far out there at times...

    That maniacal laughter off-stage is coming from the Exquisite Monster Pablo, an Amazon parrot who has lived me since 1984. He still has his doubts about John as an interloper - and John probably qualifies for sainthood by his unceasing kindness toward this ungrateful, loud, messy, jealous, intensely beautiful pet whom I love so dearly.

    Pablo incorporates laughter into his own vocal improvizations (he particularly loves to sing to the dryer when it's running) along with a few words, some operatic singing, sounds of squeaky doors and barking, my voice, John's voice, the voice of my mother calling a family dog (long since dead)... perhaps I'll do a post on Pablo, sometimes referred to as Prince of Birds, at other times as that Fiend in Parrot Form. Thanks for visiting!

  8. I visited Poetikat who highlighted your blog and this post! What a wonderful way to start the week! Hilarious!

    So very nice meeting you! Petra :))

  9. Dear Brian,
    thanks so much!

    Dear mouse,
    I'm glad you liked seeing John and lambchop together. They are quite a pair in my opinion. John has a remarkable affinity for the Animal Mind - something I didn't know when I first met him in 1985 or even when we began living together. That Johnny Jack is deep, I'm telling you. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Dear Petra,
    Lambchoppie is charmed to meet you too! And any friend of Lambchoppie's is a friend of mine...thanks for visiting!

  11. This was wonderful! I found this via a link from 'Poetikat'. Thank you so much! I used to love watching Shari Lewis and Lambchop in the UK. I couldn't help laughing at the background laughter - if I'm not mistaken, that was a parrot (or at least a parrot and one other person). We used to have an Amazon Parrot called Alice who laughed just like this, most of the time. However, when she came into 'season' we had to shut her in an aviary for the duration, as she would attack my husband ferociously as punishment for his cruelly ignoring her advances! I'll never forget him having to go to a meeting with scratches down his neck and face, having to tell people he had 'bird trouble'.

  12. Dear Alan,
    thanks! And I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your pub blog on Thursday, and I want to read more of these! The end of the week on seemed to swallow me in a single gulp...I've been working on a scene for the Austen-Alcott series that places George Eliot in a drinking establishment after a display of mesmerism at the Panopticon, and I hope to find more inspiring was interesting to read about the smallness of the pub you described. Thanks again!

  13. Dear Titus,
    glad you are laughing! I'm going to listen really hard and maybe I'll catch an echo...thanks.

    Dear Lesser Weevil,
    yes, that's Pablo the parrot you hear in the background, an Amazon. I so relate to your story about your husband...Pablo just has a grudge against John! Pablo is definitely feeling spring on the wing right now - always a somewhat crazy time of year, and I've learned to be careful handling dear Pablo during this time- very fast mood switches. Parrots are the most fascinating creatures. Thanks for visiting!

  14. Hey, we met in 84, not 85! Wonderful to see such a response!

  15. Beloved Husband,
    you know how bad I am with time! Even more so when it's in the past...but thanks for the reminder. I remember now that Pablo came into my life that spring in Florida, the same year as you did, in Virginia in the fall (but time went more slowly then, as you will recall.) Maybe that's why Pablo feels such a particular jealousy of you. I remember the first conversation I had with you and you were the most fun person to talk with that I'd ever met. Still are. Maybe even more funner yet...

    Lambchoppie just agreed with me! And we both thank you for the delightful interview and our visits to Robert Frost's Banjo.

  16. I feel most fortunate to know Lambchoppie, Johnny Jack and Big E... I was present for Lambchoppie's Fantasy Night. It was a hit. A treasure. I am shocked to read that Lambchoppie
    gambles??? could this beeee true?
    all of you are so the purest, most present, real way I have experienced in a LONG time!!!
    And Pablo in the background had me cracking up!!!!

  17. Dear Zu,
    the feeling is mutual! Being with you at women's fantasy was sheer delight - not to mention the thrill of hearing you sing on stage and the swell of applause that followed!

    About Lambchoppie and her gambling, well, all Animals do have their quirks. But they tend to exaggerate these. So glad you liked Pablo's background commentary! We all say hi!

  18. Lamb Chop, John and Pablo, thanks for the entertainment. Very fun. How I wish I could have been at the Alpine Theater on Saturday night!


  19. Dearest Margot,
    thanks dear one! I wish you had been there too - I wonder what you would have done on stage? I'm sorry I've been missing your calls - you've been calling during Rosie hour when we are in chinchilla land and don't hear the phone. Miss you! Let's keep trying to connect.

  20. You are as crazy as a box of frogs.. but that's a good thing.It's still Monday all week here in Ireland so please put me in the book draw!

  21. Dear Totalfeckineejit,
    me and my frogs thank you for the compliment! Good luck in the book draw, it's a fantastic book. And, if I may say so, delightful to hear from you - I've very much enjoyed your comments on RFB.

  22. Dear Betsy,
    sorry my TT post was so late today - sea monsters, storms, and pirates got in the way, as I mention in my apology to the Theme Thursday community in my post!

    But I'm so glad you stopped by - and Lambchoppie also thanks you!

  23. Wow! I went out of town and have been slow getting over here. Lambchoppie and Johnny Jack are the best! The Pablo accompaniment cracked me up--what a star he is!

  24. Aunt Phoenix dear,
    Pablo especially appreciates your mention of him as a star (not that he isn't perfectly aware of this himself...) and Lambchoppie says hi - I wish you could see her - she's been on my fainting couch since the post, wrapped in a dressing robe of lace and red, considering, with great artistic fatigue and satisfaction, her new life as a performer. She's planning to work quite diligently on her fan dancing. Thanks!