Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Bed Land Goes to the Movies

We here in Big Bed Land have noticed that there is a lot of discussion among Monsters and their blogs about movies they've seen, and the Animals wanted to join the bandwagon. Here are some of their favorite movies.

Cowering Inferno
An unexpected side effect of a new anti-aging wrinkle cream causes a group of menopausal women to lose their shame and trust their anger. Their adventures, both hilarious and poignant, cause governments to topple as they infiltrate the cosmetics industry. Fun for the whole family!

Of Mouse Fairies and Men
A fascinating documentary exploring the ways of Mouse Fairies and their history.

When Monster E. suggested that Grapes of Frivolity sounded like a good movie, Monster J. said that maybe she was thinking of the movie Grapes of Math. He declined to give plot summary (probably not wanting to spoil the suspense!) but we have a feeling it tells the ancient story of how numbers were first invented as mystical signs to describe the ecstatic experience of eating a grape.

Chairman Panda has not yet figured out how to download images of these movies for Platypuss-in-Boots. She makes the movies herself through shopping (she shops like an Animal!) the minds of people passing by Panda Air on Highway 95 - keeping her audience, of course, in mind. She herself would probably like to make more sophisticated movies, but she knows what the masses in BBL want, and bows to their whims. Such is the dilemma of popular culture!

See you at the movies!


  1. I wish I could download "Cowering Inferno"; I have a feeling it would soar to the top of my A-list! (The others are indifferent, as usual.)

    One of the favourite of the H-gang is "Paws". It's a thriller where a giant cat-paw terrorizes wee animals through the front door (in the baseboard). The victims devise an ingenious method of shocking the cat-paw using an old battery and some chicken wire. No blood is shed.

    We look forward to your next review!

    P-Kat and the H-Gang

  2. Hey, we'll watch these after we're done with Agnes Varda & Star Trek!

  3. Are you Trekkies? Kevin is a ST fan from waaaay back. (I suffer through them.)

  4. Dear Poetikat,
    we are definitely going to watch "Paws" in Big Bed Land! We do like thrillers where no blood is shed, but there's a lot of action and adventure.

    Lovely to hear from you - my friend Margot and her daughter Iris (of Summer Island fame) are visiting and we have been totally occupied by building a gnome house, treehouse, fountain, and garden that we forget to do anything else. But we're going to have a P-in-B adventure tomorrow, I hope. Looking forward to being in touch after this wild visit has drawn to a close!

    John started me watching Next Generation, which I really liked, and then I got pretty obsessed by Deep Space Nine, which I have liked watching over and over - this winter we watched the whole cycle in order from beginning to end. I just started watching the original Star Trek with him, and find it fascinating in spite of some real weirdness...but those colors! Wow!

  5. Are there monotremes in deep space?

  6. neat...never heard of these. though now i learn more about kat...i too am a trek fan from way back...