Friday, December 4, 2009

Ambassadors From Faraway Lands

NOTE from YOUR HOSTESS PINKY: We take a break from Pirate Goat's Log today to bring you exciting news! We are expecting an ambassadorial visit from Monster K (alias Poetikat) and the animals who live with her and her husband at Hyggehus in Ontario, Canada. Here's the lovely introduction we received to these intriguing animals:

Clockwise, starting with the bear with the bowtie: Teddy (under all that crocheted goodness, is the original orange plushy bear circa 1961. He came all the way from England!), Richard Parker, the tiger (with the huge head) He was rescued from a boulevard where he was awaiting the big, bad garbage truck!, Manny, the Manatee, Pablo, the big bear (in his BLUE period!), Eli, the Shepherd-lamb (on his head and holding baby, Isaac), Carl, the cardinal, Goody and Will (the Lemur Mom and baby from the thrift store of a similar name), Gordon, the Ram (he never swears though), Sergeant, the German Shepherd, Flo (Florence) and Pisa (He leans) the Boxers, Hobo, the shaggy dog, who came all the way from Texas, Hennessy, the Highland Cow, Footix, the Official mascot of the World Cup in France, 1998, Shingles, the sloth with Ewen, the lamb, Henri, the French Arctic Hare, and Hush, the Basset.

We are all very excited about being transported to Big-Bed Land. As you can see, our bed is rather small, especially since Richard Parker takes up so much room and when K-Monster gets those hot flashy things, she moves into this bed and then there's no room at all. Plus, the fluffy red, cat-monster always comes with her!

We can't wait to go to Pirate Island and to see the ladybugs and meet everybody! Thanks for not minding us inviting ourselves. We don't get out much and we can hardly sit still with anticipation!

SECOND NOTE FROM YOUR HOSTESS: You can visit our dear friend Kat! The Big Bed Land animals are so excited about the visit (after official negotiations, scheduled for Monday, Monster Time (MT)) that they asked Polar Knight to write a verse commemorating this historic event! Platypuss will be working out the details of how to arrange a tour for the Hyggehus representatives, and of course I'll be busy too, especially planning the menu! I wonder what they like best to eat in Hyggehus and if they have similar etiquette to ours. Our rule of table manners is one of the first things we teach the young arrivals to Big Bed Land, since there is only one rule and animals tend to grasp it fairly quickly: Have As Much As You Want Of Whatever You Like. We can't wait until Monday! Hope to see you all there!

Greetings from our Platypuss,
Ambassadors from Hyggehus!
The animals from Big Bed Land
Extend a friendly furry hand
and thank fair Monster K, a sweetie,
for this first international treaty!
We hope ‘twill be the first of many
Where peace and poems don’t cost a penny.

NOTE FROM POLAR KNIGHT (Bard of Big Bed Land): “Poems” in Big Bed Land are pronounced “Pomes.” But I still have some doubts about that last line. And Poetikat, I found your tea-cup poem very beautiful and inspiring. Tea-cups, I feel, are sadly overlooked in the hallowed annals of verse. Thanks!

While I'm here, I would also like to thank the One whom Platypuss calls Audrey, Pinky calls Aunt, and I call Phoenix. "Madam! You are a phoenix. Your taste is refined, your Sentiments are noble, & your Virtues innumerable."

Aunt Phoenix Audrey sent the wonderful postcard I am showing you. A good motto for any bard. Best wishes to any other bards out there!


  1. Goodness gracious. It sounds like an animal Copenhagen Summit. I suspect that it has a much better chance of a successful outcome.

  2. Such wondrous poetry, Poetikat and Polar Knight! Uniting two such peaceful kingdoms will be a momentous occasion. Reverberations and exaltations will be felt across the inter-waves. I blush to be honored with so many lustrous titles on this most treasured of sites. I'll be here Monday to cheer on the summit!

  3. Alan:
    Goodness indeed! Your quick understanding of the nature of Animal communities is much appreciated by the Big Bed Land Animals. They sometimes feel that if Monsters did all their community work in groups of 20 or less it might be better all around! Strange things can start happening when Monsters gather in large numbers, the Animals have noticed-- but they applaud the effort nonetheless.

    Aunt Phoenix from Polar Knight: Your blushes, fair lady, are more prized than roses blooming suddenly on the tundra.

  4. Dear Big-Bed Land Friends!

    Sorry we have been so late to come over and read your wonderfully hospitable pome. We thoroughly enjoyed every word and feel quite exalted in being called Ambassadors. (Sergeant's husky voice really resonates with that word.)

    Monster-K had a bit of an accident this morning when she knocked off one of the pot-rack pots with her head! Fortunately for Daisy-monster, the pot just narrowly missed the rose-patterned bowl where she was feasting on food and flax-seed oil! Both Monsters were very lucky, indeed. We don't want to point any paws, but let's just say that Red-monster shouldn't have been trying to pilfer poor Daisy's Second Breakfast.

    Do send instructions regarding Monday's Summit (we love how Alan so aptly described our coming together).

    By the way, Raph at Raph's Ramblings can tell you that we adore custard slices over here at the Hyggehus. Can we bring some to the event?
    I'm sure anything you make will be happily devoured by our party—we are not finicky!

    Bye for now!

    The Hyggehus Gang!

  5. Note from Poetikat:

    Thank you so much Eberle and Audrey for your generous comments regarding both of my poems. I sincerely appreciate them coming from such erudite and accomplished women as yourselves.


  6. Dear Eberle, Platypuss, Pinky, and all the Big Bed Land animals:

    It's serendipity, for sure. Just in time for the Ambassadorial Visit from Faraway Lands, I have set aside a small gift for you. You may pick it up, if you please, at The Turtle. Perhaps your guests would enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers at their breakfast table.

    Best wishes for a truly frabjous gathering.

  7. Dear Kat,
    OK the Animals want to tell you that they are new at this kind of event and don't really know the etiquette, so fill us in on any ideas or protocols you have! Our working plan is to send you the menu for approval-- add anything you like. Then, for the opening ceremonies on Monday: to eat the delicious food! After that, perhaps a nap. And then a tour which will instantaneously become a slide show with music (if all goes well, this will be Platypuss’s first attempt) that anyone can watch and see all the fun places the Hyggehus Gang and the Big Bed Land Animals went together! Here’s the menu that was finally selected after lengthy deliberations (it took five minutes, an unheard-of-ly long time for an animal meeting) among a huge number of favorite dishes suggested by the animals who all clamored to share their favorites!

    Fresh cabbage (Madame Manatee’s favorite food)

    Cotton Candy hors d’oeuvres in the shape of pigs (Pinky’s recipe)

    Clover Blossoms (Ror claims that tigers love these!)

    Full Picnic (Goat’s favorite meal, with potato salad AND potato chips. Lots of BBQ sauce on the veggie burgers, plus pickles.)

    We’re going to break out the last of the dried marshmallows from this year’s Wild Petunia Hunt!

    Custard slices from Hyggehus! Hooray!
    See you there!

  8. Dear Sandra,
    How lovely of you! And such a delightful bouquet, thanks—there’s nothing like having friends. The animals have picked seven of their favorite things to give you as a thank-you bouquet. In order to receive these you must learn the simple act of Animal-style shopping. What the Animals call shopping is when they gather things from each others’ minds, or even from the minds of people passing by on the highway. The great thing is, you can learn to do this simply by pretending you know how for five seconds! Now you qualify as an expert shopper.

    From Goat: a frosty tobbogan run on a moonlit night.
    From Amanda Every Otter: a quiet stretch of riverbank.
    From Chinaberry: a white lace bow that can be worn while swimming.
    From Bink: the word “teensker” (animal slang for very small.)
    From Polar Knight: the smell of tundra in summer.
    From Deebra: a piece of cosmic string for your pocket.
    From Pink Bear: a beautiful sunrise on your turtle beach.

    Best wishes from all of us!

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