Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next Goat Day

Such an exciting entry in Goat's log of Summer Island adventures today- one of the high points of Goat's stay at Sugarbush. This Platypuss, herself, has never been swimming with the monsters, but Goat makes it sound like fun. I have a feeling, though, that while Goat thought the Ladybugs had disappeared they were actually reading Goat's log! Who knows what they will do with the information they found there? I don't think Goat even realizes what happened! The picture was taken by Mouse Fairy Tulip, our Beloved Queen Margot, of Jewel Weed (carrying Goat on her hat), Violet, and Goldenrod of the Mouse Fairy Band. They are setting off for one of the Island swimming spots...

Pocketnote from Bink: Goat is referring to "Zebra Mussels," an invasive species (from the Monster point of view) with extremely sharp-edged shells that have made walking barefoot in the water quite hazardous. This is why Monsters and Mouse Fairies alike (most Mouse Fairies, that is) now wear water-shoes for swimming and wading. But they still get cut quite often and Goat was impressed by how much blood the dreaded Zebras can make flow without even moving! By just waiting there, in deceptive stillness.


  1. Oh, brave Goat! Oh, magnificent boat! A wondrous tale, indeed.

  2. (My security word to put up that previous post was "menturd"--hilarious!)

  3. Audrey. This is Goat. You are a poet and a monster, and I salute you. I'm going to ask our Bard, Polar Knight, if he'd like to finish your poem. Of course, you can finish it too. Bye.

    Aunt Audrey! Kisses from Pinky, it's always lovely to see you. As a hostess I feel we have a kinship. Sometime I'd love to hear about your hostess experiences. Meanwhile, I'll just warn you that if you bring up words like "menturd" to the animals, you are likely to be kept up most of the night by the endless laughter and jokes of Lefty and Lambie (the "b" in Lambie is far from silent) because they simply have no resistance. I just don't want you to be shocked-- they mean no harm but do have quite a bit of energy.

  4. Dear Platypuss - If you would, please pass this on to the Goat: Oh, such a stalwart Goat! I am proud of you. A suggestion: If you lie on top of the Lifesavers (which, of course, involves Not Eating Them)you may find that you can float around and around in the water and Never Never put your feet on the Bottom, thus thwarting the Dreaded Zebras and keeping your blood where it belongs.

  5. Sandra Leigh. Goat here. I see that you have had encounters with the Dreaded Zebras, and perhaps with other foes as well. You show unusual wisdom for a Pirate. A good Pirate can always stay several steps ahead of a cunning opponent such as the Underwater Zebras. But most Pirates do not think ahead very far. When they eat the Lifesaver they are not thinking ahead. That's mostly how the Zebras get them in the end. I wish you good sailing, comrade of the Lifesaver.

  6. Dear Animals,

    We are in the process of posting a story and poem about all of you! It will be up very soon. We even borrowed your pictures (hope you don't mind).

    We look forward very much to our visit.


    The Hyggehus Gang!

  7. Dear Hyggehus Gang,
    this is really a good example of how Animal Communications Systems work (so superior to those of Monsters in many ways): I read your comment while I was in the midst of transcribing a poem in honor of Hyggehus! The Animals were setting us both to work, it seems to me.

    You'll read the poem tomorrow on PIB. The Big Bed Land Animals asked the Bard of Big Bed Land, Polar Knight, to write this poem in honor of your impending visit. The other Animals offer many helpful suggestions while the Bard works, which he sometimes likes and sometimes find distracting.

    And please feel free to borrow anything on Platypuss-in-Boots! Animals find it quite strange that Monsters can get so possessive at times about stories and pictures that are really meant to be shared.

    And we can't wait to read your post! This is a historic moment. Big Bed Land never dreamed of traveling to another blog and we anticipate delight.

    Platypuss et al

  8. I know I am a little late weighing in, but I have been so busy with all the many Mouse Fairies under my command, that you must forgive my tardiness. I want to note that Bink makes a fine description of the dreaded Zebra Monster, though Goat does the superior job of conveying the emotional trauma that they visit up on us at Mouse Fairy Island.

    Respectfully Yours, Mouse Tulip

  9. Dear Mouse Tulip,
    we understand that your responsibilites are manifold, O Beloved Queen, and are gratified by your words whenever they reach us! Bink and Goat are both feeling pleased by your comment! Bink says that he tried to remember the fascinating story you told about the Zebras and how they interrelated with the other Invaders of the Island waters and beaches, but he knew he couldn't remember all the details. He hopes that someday you'd be kind enough to tell it all over again. Love from Big Bed Land!