Friday, December 25, 2009

Love Always Hopes, Always Perserveres

What a day it has been! While Monsters J. and E. were making the frosty midnight trek to sing carols and play music at the chapel on Mesa hill, with the waxing half-moon lalapaloosing at a rather giddy angle among the stars, and the snow spangles outdoing themselves in the Subaru headlights as we bounced, also giddily, over cattle grates and drifted snow-- the wedding gazebo was taking shape in the Imagination Collective of Big Bed Land.

Luckily for the Animals, the Monsters slept in the next morning so they could finish the gazebo in time for this evening's wedding and still open presents. This event tonight is likely to amaze us all, and we'll be telling you all about it in the days to come!


  1. "...with the waxing half-moon lalapaloosing at a rather giddy angle among the stars..." - how lovely - how poetic. As for the wedding preparations, I'm dazzled by the style, the flair - and I can hardly wait to hear the whole story!

  2. Dear Sandra: Polar Knight, like any writer I know, can feel a certain vulnerability about writing. Polar Knight has embraced the idea that vulnerability is in fact necessary for any act of true creation - but the idea doesn't always check the emotions that can happen-- for instance when the Animals insist that Polar Knight must write a post in the 10 minutes before Christmas supper preparations begin! So your kind words were much appreciated... and I'm glad you're looking forward to hearing more about this first-ever BBL wedding!

  3. This is too beautiful! The iron wrought chair is with the heart back is divine, and signature Monster E.

  4. Dear Margot,
    I am so charmed that you noticed the chair - it is actually the chair of the desk in my girlhood bedroom. The head and foot of my bed also had these wrought iron heart designs - which are now in my garden on either side of a shrine containing a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So lovely to be reading your comments!