Monday, March 29, 2010

Passing Sunshine On

Many thanks to Poetikat for sending this Sunshine Award to me. Poetikat has been very helpful in humanizing the blog-world for me, a new traveler in this realm – and I really enjoy her poetry and commentary – I’m very excited about her upcoming book of poetry. She suggested that recipients could pass on the award, and so I’d like to put the focus on HKatz and offer her the award today.

I’ve only recently started reading HKatz’ Sill of the World, and it keeps surprising me – with wonderful writing, intriguing perspectives, and a kind of philosophy of living that quietly emerges from it all – transcendently, although the writing is always down to earth, focused on the everyday where a small detail can open into mystery. A truly refreshing place to visit. I especially like the “Week in Seven Words” posts – where a word chosen from each lived day in the week structures a series of prose-poems that creates a portrait of the week – with connections running through them that can haunt you through the day. Check out Sill of the World. And thanks, HKatz for your exquisite writing and your point of view as well.

I'd like to thank HKatz personally for giving hints about where I could go with the adventure of the Animals in the Argonaut here at P-in-B. These adventures (dare I admit it?) are completely impromptu day by day and it's been great to get ideas this way...sort of like getting ideas from correspondence about a serialized work from the Olden Days of the 19th century when these occurred in installments. In fact, Goat has a question...

HKatz from Goat: Goat here. You are a good adventurer and your travels with us have made you esteemed among the crew. We want to design a bowsprit in your honor. So, do you have any ideas about it. What it should look like. Roxy will build it, so it will be a good one. Remember, my sword is at your service. Good-bye.


  1. Thank you; this is a beautiful gift, and I'm so happy that you have that experience reading my blog. I'm glad that you read it and leave your comments (which add their own richness), and that you share your own wonderful writing and stories here.

    Your blog makes me think a lot about childhood, and the best parts of childhood and child-like thinking that I want to keep alive as an adult. I remember as a kid I once wrote a story about people who used quills instead of oars to get their boat around.

    Maybe, dear Goat, could the bowsprit be in the shape of a quill? What kind of quill... maybe from the feather of a loon? I'm glad I had a hand in your adventures :)

  2. Goat here, HKatz. I like your boat with quills for oars. That is genius. Monsters are very good at genius before they turn adult. Then not so good. No one knows why. Bink says it is a form of amnesia that adult Monsters cultivate (that's how Bink talks) among many other varieties of amnesia, for Reasons Unknown. One form tends to lead to another, it seems.

    The quillsprit is causing restlessness among the crew. Everyone has their ideas for how it should be. Animals are good at working things like this out because we have all the time in the world. So we argue until we get bored and then agree. Usually. But today I told them: "Hand me a drawing by tomorrow or walk the plank." This is wartime, after all. (Dear Piggles, they know I don't really mean this. But they like to pretend I do and so they will get it done.) Back later. Goodbye.

  3. Congratulations, P-I-B friends, on this most illustrious award! Who would have thought that sunshine could flourish on the interwebs? Thanks for recommending Sill of the World. What a remarkable blog, as is Poetikat's! Writers rule!

  4. Dear Audrey,
    thanks for your kind congratulations and also for visiting Sill of the World. John and I both think you'll really enjoy it.