Monday, March 22, 2010

Special Guest Star: Anna Lu

We take a pause today from the Animal adventures in the Council underworld, to bring you a delightful poem by previous contributor, Anna Lucile Reck. You may remember Anna Lu from the adventures of Speedy - his disappearance, his wanderings, and his return home.

The Animals and Monsters of Big Bed Land admire this poem very much. Polar Knight, Big Bard of Big Bed Land, has this to say about it: "With its haunting contemplative voice, CATS ARE BEST describes the inner reality of beauty through the cat, who contains all others within her. It also explores the idea of what is best, that timeless question of Monsters. As a writer myself, I agree that even in cats, with their grace and skills, their playfulness, beauty and freedom, it is their longing to read that is truly inspiring. Unlike many Monsters, cats can probably read everything - the sky, the trees, the house. Poet Anna Lu has real insight into the world. Thanks for sending this to Platypuss-in-Boots!"

Love to Anna Lu too from all of us. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!

And for those who are anxious about whether the Animals will ever decode the Tea Towel they encountered while traveling to the Grange Hall in the Argonaut - tune in on Thursday and you'll see how it was done!

by Anna Lucile Reck

Cats are best,
if you ask me.
Cats are better than the queer Monkey.

Cats see in the dark.
They run and play happily,
not in a park.

Cats are by far the best,
though they take all rest
into their beautiful body.

They love to eat,
and play, and roll,
right on their graceful feet.

If you see what I mean
as you probably should,
you will see that,
if they could,
they would read, read, read,
until they'd had their feed.

Cats are the best!


  1. We all loved this poem (of course!) in the Hyggehus. Our four concur that cats are indeed best (but then they may be a trifle biased).

    P-kat really loved the lines: "though they take all rest into their beautiful body." How delightfully well put!

    Ours like to take their rest along with the heat of the gas fire into theirs.

    Red is the reader in our house (although I think he has a bit of an obsession with bookmark tassels).

    Anna Lu, you, are destined to be a fine poet!

    Poetikat and the Hyggegang.

  2. I agree--of course--that cats are absolutely tops! Well done Anna Lu!

  3. Anna Lu, what a perfect poem! I agree that cats are the best, except for dogs, also the best because there's room at the top for more than one in the best of the beasts world. I doubt, though, that dogs would even care to read. Cats are more bookish by far. Maybe that does make cats better...thanks for sharing your poem with us!

  4. I am learning from our feline friends via this poem. I thought I was hungry 'cuz breakfast was late. Now I rather believe that I had better "read, read, read until I get my own feed."

    To paraphrase another poet, "Man does not live by delicious hot porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar alone ..."