Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Good Advice From Pinky

Note From Your Hostess Pinky
: Remember - breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Even if your schedule is very busy - even if you’re in the midst of battle like the Animals of Big Bed Land, who ran into the French Revolution as well as the Battle of Troy while voyaging the Council Idaho sewer system in the Argonaut, their small but sturdy submarine – don’t forget to eat breakfast.

If you’ve read the last three posts, you know that the crew aboard the Argonaut under the leadership of Pirate Goat and guidance of Piggles has just surfaced from the mysterious underworld of Council’s sewers in the Ladies Room of the old Grange Hall. They had no sooner gotten their bearings, when they saw the turret gun of a tank through the window!

Immediately they saw that turret gun was aimed right at the courthouse directly across that venerable route of passage, Highway 95. The sign in front of the tank reading “Peace Park” faces the other way, and they have assumed that the tank means war! And I can’t tell them about the sign because their communications system was damaged during the dangerous ascent to safe harbor in the Ladies Room!

If they could reach Monster J. they’d ask his advice – but he is off on his own quest in the land of Massachusetts and it would take days to get there without the assistance of Panda Air! They have decided not to trouble dear Monster E. with this matter, since she can’t even follow the action of battles in movies, much less real ones! But they have decided they must fight to protect the safety of their beloved Monsters’ community!

Pirate Goat is in the Argonaut’s dinghy, sharing breakfast with his newly appointed Intelligence Officer, Bink (whom you may know as Your Pocket Philologist.) During this troubled time of war, he has given up his arduous studies to offer his skills to decipher the coded message the Argonaut picked up while surfacing.

I sent them the breakfast basket myself, knowing they would need to build up their courage as well as their keen battle skills. I sent Goat a big mug of Captain Crunch because it makes him feel ferocious – and I knew that Bink would feel better with an extra dose of his favorite Alphabet Soup from a can. And a large plate of marshmallows. Please remember, these substances are only good for Animals like Goat and Bink and are not to be consumed by Monsters!


  1. Oh my goodness. To think that once again, I had become so engrossed in the absurdities of my own life that I had neglected to keep up with the adventures of BBL. Thank goodness the Traveling Bard rested a spell at our suburban inn, or I would not know what wonders are occuring in a park in Council.

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Ebs! I may finally have to read that Less Misseries.

    Love Moi

  2. A lovely breakfast interlude, but I'm still in suspense about the code :)

    So like last time I'll wish Bink luck, and now add that I hope that the Alphabet Soup fuels his brain.

    (I also like the image of the animals perched on the tank. Now it looks to me more like a toy tank than a real one.)

  3. get out of town! quite quaintly fantastic! Jeff sent me, glad i stopped in.

  4. Dear Margot,
    all I can say is - if you are too busy to spend quality time with Animals, you should probably re-evaluate your priorities...Hi to Bearly Bear! Ambassador Duffy sends greetings to everyone back home.

  5. Dear HKatz,
    we all needed a break! Especially Pirate Goat, who has never had so many BBL Animals in his crew and is finding it quite challenging to lead so many who are untrained in battle skills.

    As soon as Bink gets a breakthrough in deciphering the code, we'll let you know! And thanks so much for visiting - we're always happy to see you here and find out what you have to say. Hope all is well.

    Dear Tom,
    how great to meet you from Jeff's place! Thanks for looking in.

  6. I sense an animal takeover of the Council Peace Park.... could the battle spill over into the Adams County Rodeo grounds?

    Best from Pittsburgh--
    Monster J

  7. Beloved Monster J.,
    you are right about the battle escalating. Already the Adams County Sheriff's Office is on the alert - while I was arranging and photographing the Animals, I noticed a cop car pull out from the Courthouse across the street and into the parking lot of the Peace Park and stop, facing me.

    Oh please, make my day, I thought, longing to explain to someone wearing a badge that I was PLAYING in a PUBLIC PARK, and introduce Goat and Bink (this would have gone down in BBL history!)

    But then I remembered that I know the sheriff and the deputies and they know me - so I couldn't really pretend to be some mysterious and potentially dangerous Animal Woman. Hi to Jonah!