Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polar Knight Goes Green

It's easy being green when you're reading Lament of the Fiddleheads by Kat Mortensen! Please scroll down for a reading of this delightful poem that will take you on a brief but merry jaunt from Christina Rosetti to Stevie Smith, with musings by the Big Bard of Big Bed Land, Polar Knight. Posted with Kat's kind permission.


  1. Kat's poem is delightful. Love the ending with the asparagus rival. Tres cool photo!

  2. I must say, it's pretty neat to see the poem in print like that! Thanks, Polar Knight and everyone in Big Bed Land(you know who you are)!

  3. Dear Willow,
    I like the asparagus part too. I found the beaded little frog in a lone gas station on a desolate stretch of Highway 95. They rented videos there too and locals were hanging around chatting about a movie; it was the only gas station I've ever seen that had a donation box hanging in the bathroom, neatly lettered asking for contributions toward bathroom supplies...

    Dear Poetikat,
    I was going to take this photo in my studio, but it gravitated outside to its natural habitat where the sun was shining. Thanks for the poem!

  4. Wonderful reading, & wonderful pic!

    @Poetikat: maybe you could link to the post about your poem--it's ok to do a little self-promotion!

  5. @Monster J & E: All done! Come check it out!

  6. Kat is just great, isn't she? What a talent!

    Love the beaded frog, too...adorable! :)

  7. Dear Poetikat,
    looks great!

    Dear Betsy,
    yes - I'm very much enjoying the blog-community of writers - this is new to me and I think it's pretty cool.

    Dear Jeffscape,
    safe travels! Be sure not to step on any hibernating polar bears - they can be trouble.