Friday, January 15, 2010

After Goat Told the Animals About Swimming...

After Goat told the Animals about swimming, some were very curious about the idea and had some thoughts about trying it out- even though Bearly Bear was not at all sure this was a good idea as far as her very dear friend Chinabeary was concerned. From our very dear friend Margot (hostess of Summer Island, Mouse Tulip our Beloved Queen, as well as artiste extraordinaire and exotique) we have this exquisite rendition of what happened that day...

(I'd never have such good
adventures without you...)


  1. Hello over there in BBL. I love the resent posts. Barely Bear was flattered that she got on the blog but now Joey is teasing her about it. I think it'd be good if he got on there too.
    sorry I haven't been posting but I have been keeping up.

  2. A most excellent adventure tale! I hope we see more Margot renditions of BBL sagas--truly delightful!

  3. Darn, my comment did not go through.Here is a quick one. Let's have more adventures in April, when Iris and I go westward. Barely Bear is eager to come as are 2 dozen others. Joey surprised us by showing an interest in taking the trip. At 75 he is usually quite content to lie on Iris's bed. For those Animal lovers who don't know Joey, he was my Aunt Claire's monkey. When I was a girl, he lived in my grandmother's toy closet, except when I came to visit and took him out. Eventually my grandmother let me take him home and he has lived on my various beds ever since.

    bye for now! Margot

  4. Oh my Goodness! If we didn't know better, we might be seriously distressed at that top photograph! Did Barely Bear and Chinaberry dry out okay?
    We suppose sometimes one must be a bit foolhardy for the sake of an adventure. Life's not worth living if you don't take a few risks, right?

    P-Kat and the H-Gang

  5. P.S. Lovely photo of you and Margot. Your affection for each other really shows in your smiles.

  6. To all our esteemed commentors from Pinky, Your Hostess: All the Animals must APOLOGIZE for their poor Monster E. - imagine that she has been in an underwater maze, or under an avalanche of paper airplanes and flowers, or lost behind a line of music...but she's back now.

    Dearest Iris:I'm so happy you're following the adventures of Big Bed Land, since you have been such an inspiration to all of us here. I've been eyeing a great photo of Joey, so you'll be seeing him soon.
    And Margot: is it really true you are coming West? I've been hoping against hope that I would see you two!!! Do you think 2 dozen animals will be enough? Do you think 3 exclamation points are enough?!!!!!!!!!

    To Our Lovely Phoenix: thanks so much for your vote for more of Margot's work on P-in-B! We're hoping for the same thing-- she sees with true vision.

    To Poetikat, Esteemed of Goat: You have found your way to the heart of adventure. Yes, it is risk. The best course is: not to give yourself too much time to think about it. Just put your dagger between your teeth and swing for it.