Monday, January 11, 2010

Goat At Night

Here we are with the next installment of Goat's Log. Goat was the First Animal Ever to keep a written record of an adventure (and writing is not Goat's favorite thing to do, either, since Goat decided early on in life not to go on in school - after the first day, actually.) We really have our Summer Island friends, especially Iris, to thank for this remarkable development. Thank you Mouse Fairies! Thank you Iris! from all of us at Big Bed Land.

At Big Bed Land there is
a remarkable turtle who
casts stars all around. Goat
loves to sit in the light of
these stars and remember
Summer Island.


  1. What wonderful pix, Sweet Pea! Keep your chin up.


  2. Amazing pictures! Such beautiful accompaniments to Goat's amazing tale. I know of the turtle who sends stars spinning around Monster rooms. I have engaged at least 3 of them to take care of baby Monsters in my circle of acquaintance. I have never gotten to see just how lovely those celestial lights can be.

    I'm relieved to learn that the Ladybugs are not, in fact, enemies. I would have had to revise my entire cosmology were this true.

  3. What a beautiful image—the ladybug printing across the stars!
    Fear not, dear friend(s) we have not abandoned you, but have only been waylaid by the weariness of the world.
    I find a real affinity in your solitude, Goat and truly love to read of your musings.

    Poetikat (and the Hyggehus gang).

    P.S. There's a story on Blasts From the Past all about the history of our very own Ted. E. Bear.

  4. Dearest John,
    a lovely surprise to see you here - and my heartfelt thanks for your kind words! It sounds as if Poetikat might have been having a similar time...

    Aunt Phoenix,
    Bink here. When Monsters J and E were visiting Judy and Galen recently, I listened in on a debate about what made these remarkable Turtles cast stars of light all around. Galen asked if batteries were the cause and Judy and Monster E told him that anciently Turtles were connected to the Creation of the Universe, and that this was the power source. Monster J diplomatically said it could be batteries - or else it could be the sacred creative power of the ancient Turtle.

    And Lefty would like to make the small suggestion that you revise your cosmology six times before breakfast, just for exercise. (You can usually get back to the one you started out with.)

  5. Dear Poetikat,
    Goat Here. Some can't read the ladybug printing across the stars and some don't bother. But it's not hard to read like books are. A certain prickling in my ears tells me that you've read it. People say that it is seen particularly well from the path of Waylaid Weariness. I don't usually mention it. But I was carried away on that night of the first swim because only at rare moments is it seen so clearly. I heard from Monster J that the Ladybug takes her name from a Beautiful Lady you may know- Mary, Queen of Heaven. You are right about solitude. It's usually the best. Unless there's a picnic going on. Glad you're back, by the way.

  6. Lovely images here, both written and visual. The one of Goat at night is quite haunting. Indeed, the sound of the coyotes at night on Mouse Fairy Island is haunting in the extreme. It gives me shivers, as if reminding me of some distant past I had forgotten, about to revisit me.