Friday, January 1, 2010

What Will the Wedding Supper Be?

Now that some of the Animals have decided to put together a scrapbook of the wedding, it's less of a blur to us all.

This snapshot really caught my eye - at the time of the wedding celebration, I never noticed that Lambchoppie and Miss Mousie had wandered off together. They spent quite a time arm in arm in the gazebo with Miss Mousie reminiscing about her own weddings.

"You've been married?" asked Lambchoppie in surprise.

"Oh yes, many times," Miss Mousie said, "in a sense."

"But - when - how - but -" Lambchoppie couldn't seem to formulate a sentence.

"Focus," Miss Mousie suggested, firmly but kindly.

"My question is...What do you mean?" Lambchoppie finally asked.

"I really can't waste time explaining that," Miss Mousie said in her most definite tone of voice.

Lambchoppie sighed and leaned back happily. "You know, that is such a good philophosy."


"Yes," Lambchoppie agreed vigorously, "philophosy. Grown-ups can spend way too much time explaining things. Especially at school," she added rather sadly. "Just think of all that wasted time. Just gathering dust in all the schools of the Entire Universe. Horrible."

Miss Mousie got that look she has when she is going to tell you one of the Real Facts. "We compost it, actually," she said in a low thrilling voice. "Time is never wasted."

Lambchoppie heaved another happy sigh. "I just love you, Miss Mousie. Tell me a wedding story."

"I'll do better than that," Miss Mousie said. "I'll give you a wedding song. But we'll need the help of Johnny Jack Poetry for that..."


  1. Lamb Chop lives! The many avid fans of Shari Lewis, who thought Lamb Chop had followed her into that good night (August 2nd, 1998 for those of you who do not know (or don't have a quick jump on Wikipedia))ARE WRONG!!! Lamb Choppie is living in Indian Valley Idaho, and singing songs with the beloved John Hayes. Yahoo! Lamb Chop, I am really a flutter. Are Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy there too? And I wonder, could there be more Lamb Chops singing and chatting in other bedrooms and living rooms about this Great Land? If Lamb Chop could be parted from Shari, maybe Lamb Chop could multiply. Margot is going to go contemplate this.......

  2. Brava, Lambchoppie! Bravo, John! What stars you both are, and what a perfect beginning for 2010! Lambchoppie, you have such a beautiful singing voice--you and John complement each other so well. I hope we will be treated to more duets by the two of you in the future. Miss Mousie, I am profoundly intrigued by the concept of composting Time. What a truly clever plan! The wisdom of BBL is beyond measure.

    Happy new year, BBL!

  3. Dear Margot,
    funny you should mention that idea about multiplying Lamb Chops - I've spent the past few days pondering the multiplicity of female identity in 19th century Gothic novels... I have this feeling that Lamb Chop could easily multiply in the fertile land of your imagination and I can hardly wait to hear about it. Perhaps in a visual form? Thanks for visiting and contemplating.

    Dear Audrey,
    we all do thank you for your New Year greeting and your wish to see more of this duo in the future! This could easily happen! I'm so glad that Miss Mousie's revelation about the composting of time caught your fancy - it does seem modern in a way, for such an ancient mouse. Thanks for stopping by.