Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Return of the Moon

We continue with Goat's Log and get an extraordinary look at how Goat saw the performance of the Lament of the Ladybugs as compared with how the Monsters saw it! Who ever would have guessed at the rare and enchanting vision of Goat!



  1. Goat, You do have such a way with words and such a keen eye! I think Lefty is quite profound.

  2. Goat Here. Lefty has his moments but he also tells jokes that no one but Lefty understands. Then he goes on laughing until he falls off the edge of Big Bed Land. There was one who understood him, a Penguin he met on Summer Island. Duffy by name. They took one look at each other, told a joke that no one else understood, and fell down laughing together. Both of them. Duffy came back with us from Summer Island for a long visit.

    The secret with words is don't let them stare you down. Stay light on your feet, move quickly, and when possible, confuse them.

  3. Penguins have an uncanny knack for jokes, I hear, but they don't like limericks, for some reason.
    Their sense of humour is reputed to lean towards the obtuse.

  4. So happy to hear that Goat and Duffy continue to enjoy eachother's company. Just thinking of them laughing themselves off the bed is enough to make me pee in my pants. Hee Hee.