Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Return To Summer Island

The editorial we, aka Platypuss-in-Boots, took Goat's fantasy of a Giant Goat abducting the bridal giraffe as an expression of feeling that perhaps the wedding stories had gone on long enough. So, the Animals formed a Wedding Book committee (this just means the Animals who want to work on the Wedding Book at any given moment) and we can get back to the thrilling tale of Goat's pirate adventures on Summer Island. As you may recall, Goat had just made history as the first Big Bed Land Animal to swim with the Monsters, and Goat thought that the mysterious and possibly sinister Ladybugs had disappeared (although Goat didn't seem to notice that they had found their way into Goat's Log...)


  1. Dear Goat,

    You are well versed, it would seem, in the arts of subterfuge and guile. I can see you will be a formidable adversary for the Ladybugs. I am not, as you may recall, as convinced of their nefariousness as you are; however, I have no way of knowing if I, too, am under their spell. I await more installments of your adventure and expect to learn much more than I have hitherto known about these beings. Courage!

  2. Lady Phoenix,
    accounts of your wisdom are abroad in the land, and you are wise to suspect that you too may be under the spell of the Ladybug. If you ever feel giddy and laugh for no reason, if you want to take all your clothes off and swim in the moonlight, if you have an irresistible urge to weave a lunar calendar, these are all signs. The ladybugs are only nefarious when they are not something else. This is why they make such a worthy adversary.
    Respectfully yours, dear Lady-

  3. Ach!The mix of emotion that this brings to me. The happines of summer adventures recalled, the sadness that good times are fleeting. And of course, the delightful terror that battling and protecting (for one must do both in turn)ladybugs doth bring.

    Thank you for recalling all this to me, Western Woman.